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Your reliable source for exquisite product

Since 2016, we have distinguished ourselves as an accomplished Product sourcing  agency.

Our objective is to foster long-term, highly integrated relationships with our chosen designers, manufactures and clients.

In a highly dynamic and competitive market, you need an

INNOVATIVE, RELIABLE & COMMITTED partner in sourcing and procurement of superior product.

We are a South African Product Sourcing Agency with a Sourcing office in Brazil. Our product-sourcing house works directly with the most experienced Brazilian manufacturers.
Who manufacture superior quality products with exquisite styling and quality.



At Lulibo International, we understand the critical need to innovative, cost effective products that are delivered efficiently and timeously.
Our team consists of industry professionals with over 30 years of experience collectively, working in Retail Buying. This gives us an intimate understanding of the South African Mass Retail consumer, the dynamic shifts and nuances of the market.
We also understand the internal processes, requirements and pressures that the Buying teams face on a daily basis. We therefore strive to tailor our services to cater specifically to each of our clients’ requirements.
This is a distinctive feature that puts us above the rest. As Consumer tastes and buying habits change rapidly, fashion products have become increasingly time and price sensitive. Supply chain management is a critical component for Retailers to remain competitive and win the race to the top of consumers’ minds.
Finding new product sources that offer product that is relevant, good quality with a compelling value proposition is pertinent in these tough trading times.

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  • Product Design and Development

  • Supplier selection

  • Raw materials sourcing

  • Price negotiation

  • Quality control

  • Quality assurance

  • Pre-shipment inspection

  • Post-delivery sales analysis  &reaction





Conceptualization and design of your product range is an integral part of our role in facilitating production in your supply chain.
We work closely with our clients who seek specific product that does not feature in our range to cater to their consumer demands.
We take product concepts and realize them in prototypes.


Precision Meets Talent

Our agency offers a variety of innovative services, always geared towards the creative interpretation of our client's vision.


Raw materials  & components sourcing

Brazil has a modern tanning industry which is essential to leather foot- wear manufacturing, since sophisticated product design requires the availability of new varieties of leather, with textures, colours and patterns that change according to seasonal and consumer demands.
The tanning industry is highly developed and has the necessary technological capacity to develop new varieties of leather with the agility required by short product development cycles.
We work closely with the tanneries to achieve the required raw materials for your products.


Price negotiations

Through proactive production management, we work diligently in ne- gotiating product prices and delivery schedules to accommodate your needs. Our system of component costing, sources materials and trims, thus achieving better cost of the product with better quality.
Through consolidation of Purchase orders, product re-engineering, we explore all options and avenues to ensure that we keep product cost efficient and competitive.


Production management

We work with manufacturers to plan and monitor production so we can ensure quality and on-time delivery.
We hold regular meetings with factories to keep track of production progress.
Working with SGS auditors we are able to manage the quality of raw materials, production and inspection processes.

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SGS conducts a full range of physical, chemical & safety testing services for finished footwear and components. The Testing is based on defined standards, regulations and client’s requirements, to give you confidence about the conditions and performance of your footwear products. Inspectors check product compliance at every stage of pro- duction and delivery, including Initial Product Check (IPC), During Pro- duction Check (DUPRO) and Final Random Inspection (FRI).


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